In Memory


Fellow classmate Tom Higgins remembers Philip "as a fine man, a loyal friend and a gifted musician."   He played the electric bass guitar and could really jam. Philip is survived by his father and sister.

Another fellow classmate Norma-Jean Strickland states: "Phil was one of the sweetest people, even right up to the very end. His disability (ALS - Lou Gehrigs' disease) was devastating, but he always maintained his sense of humor. Since my professional background has been in working with people with profound disabilities using assistive technology (and providing training for same for many years), Phil's employer hired me to personally work with Phil when his home office was created. His employer was exceptionally supportive during this challenging time. Phil always had an excellent reputation in the business community and he worked as long as he possibly could. He is definitely missed by those who knew him from our earliest years, but his memory lingers.  Phil was survived by his wife Brenda Falk but she passed away in 2010 from diabetes."

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