In Memory

Patty Sterns

Regrettably another one of our own passed away on May 6, 2018.  Patty was an exceptional example of courage, grace and spirit.

Our hearts are sad for Les, her husband and other family and friends.  Rest In Peace dear Patty.

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05/11/18 02:06 PM #2    

Russ Denney

So sorry to hear. Prayers for her family and good thoughts of her RIP Patty

05/11/18 03:05 PM #3    

Norman Stevens

I am very sorry to hear of Patty's passing.

I had the great fortune of being after her alpahbetically in our Chemistry class.

That meant that I sat right behind her and we  conversed quite a bit  when Mr. Faucett allowed it.

We were good friends in high school.

My condolances to her family. I hope you have faith that she is just in a better place.

05/11/18 06:06 PM #4    

Tom Higgins

If the soul of anyone in our class of 1970 has earned a place in the next realm of the Cosmos, it is Patty's.  Her accomplishments dwarf mine and I daresay many of ours who might be reading this as well.  Maybe space IS the final frontier; perhaps Patty's work on Earth paved the way forward for some future explorer.  I send a big salute to her for the vision she had.  --Thomas Higgins

05/12/18 03:01 PM #5    

Bill Kepner

Very sorry to hear this sad event. Patty and I were classmates from First Grade through West High and our Mothers were best friends. She will be forever remembered.

05/15/18 04:22 PM #6    

John Wells

Patty was a very good friend in high school and we were able to stay in touch for many years past graduation.  Though I knew she was struggling with health issues, the shock and sadness upon hearing of her passing is undiminished.  She was a strong benevolent personality in my life during high school and I was always proud of her accomplishments as she pursued her passionate interest in space lawThis is a loss that somehow "doesn't make sense" to me as in my mind and heart she should have beof en able to stay on earth at least as long as I.  My heartfelt condolances go out to Les, her family, and all us that she touched over the years.

05/17/18 02:04 PM #7    

Patty Harmon

I am so taken aback at the recent loss of Patty.  Her brilliance, beauty and kindness stand out most in my memory.  Just now watching the lovely online tribute to her life, this Louisa May Alcott quote came to mind, "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead."  I believe Patty achieved her highest aspirations and has left the world changed by her grace.  My sincerest condolences to all who knew and loved this remarkable person; may she rest in peace.






05/19/18 08:00 PM #8    

Pam Farmer (Preston)

Patty, that was so sweet and absolutely perfect. My world is diminished with her so longer in it.  Her Memorial yesterday was very nice and there were several classmates there, as well as myself and our son, Tyler.  Her husband Les doesn't not have access to this page, nor the time to peruse it.  I intend to copy the memories and send them to him.  Again, so nicely said.

Blessings, Pam Farmer Preston

05/21/18 10:35 AM #9    

Steve Basehore

I was honored to be asked to speak at Patty's memorial service last Friday.  Patty and I remained close friends throughout the years.  She was a wonderful person and I am deeply saddened by her passing.  Her husband Les is a remarkable person who greatly enhanced her journey through life. As he already knows, I have great respect for him and wish him the very best in this difficult time.  I would also like to note that Pam Farmer Preston gave a lovely and moving tribute at the service. 

05/21/18 10:56 AM #10    

Norma-Jean Strickland

I attended Patty's memorial service last Friday and was moved by what a beautiful service it was. As mentioned in previous comments, Pam and Steve spoke and were both quite eloquent in their remarks. One lovely and unexpected gift from the service was the sharing of gorgeous peacock feathers from the farm where Patty and Les have lived for many years. His life will certainly never be the same and he has my deepest condolences for his loss. He went above and beyond what the majority of people in a similar situation would have done. His love and compassion for Patty speak volumes. Pax aeterna, Patty. You deserve it.

11/05/19 08:03 AM #11    

Pam Farmer (Preston)

Patty, I miss you every day. We have a picture on our refrigerator of you holding a 2 y/o Tyler taken at your parents house. You look radiant and that is how I always remember you. The approach of our 50th amplifies your absence. In my heart I know that your are at peace and in "the Good Place" and holding you there, in my heart, forever. Pam

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