Wayne Hart

Profile Updated: October 7, 2015
Residing In: Roseville, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Anita
Occupation: Return to Work/Work Comp Administrator
Children: 2 Step-daugters with 4 Grandkids - Bre 37, Wyatt 9 & Owen 7. Kendra 34, Tianna 11 & Isaiah 3
Yes! Attending Reunion

Following HS I spent two years at PC and managed one semester worth of credits out of four. I think there was some fun in there. I worked for a cabinet shop my last semester, got fired (smoking something I shouldn't have at work, oops!). Bought a tricked out Triumph Bonneville motorcycle and by the end of the summer in '72 Mark Brunner and I headed across country doing the "Easy Rider" thing. We stopped in to see Russ Denney at boot camp in Missouri ( I'll leave that story to him). We ended up in Virginia after two months on the road where my father lived and where Mark met his future bride (and of course that's his story). I stayed in Virginia for a couple years with my father and then went back to Phoenix, moved to San Diego (second home at that time), Seattle (friends), Detroit (a girl), Wichita (Father & a business prospect), Phoenix (again), & Sacramento (sales position). That takes it up to Jan '87.
I have lived in the Sacramento area since. In '90 I quit the sales business and started my own construction company working for real estate firms. In '92 I went back to school and worked construction and a restaurant while taking 20 hours a semester to get my BA in Social Science heading for a MFCC degree in counseling. Graduated in '96. However, I decided I really didn't want to sit and listen to other peoples problems all day so I bought a restaurant in '99 (Italian Fine Dine) and after four years and too much mulla I sold it to my business partner and went to work for the State of California as a work comp adjuster. Four and a half years later I transferred to the Dept of Corrections on the employers end of work comp where I have resided for the past 7 1/2 years.
Ok, so you're wondering where the wife and family came into all this. Well now, in '92, while absorbed in school and work, I went to a Halloween party and got to talking with Anita. She called me a few days later and from there she reeled me in like a hooked fish. But I did put up a fight. We married in '98 and have now been together for 23 years.
It's been quite a ride over these 62 years but the mountains and valleys have become rolling plains. As the ride has flatened out (not flatlined) I am looking forward to seeing more places, meeting more people, playing more golf and of course tasting and drinking lots more wine.
Best to you all.

School Story:

My early life, High School included, was an emotional rollercoaster ride with my eyes closed most of the time. However, there were a few things I remember fondly besides all the cute girls I was attracted to but too nerdy, shy, and chicken to ask them out let alone talk to.
Freshman year in ROTC, I was guidon for the drill team in the Memorial Day parade. We were on TV! The tennis team. I couldn't beat my team mates but kicked butt on the other schools team players. Photo class assignments, running all around the campus taking pictures. Then there was Senior year as class representative and helping out with the homecoming floats. And of course, Friday night football and basketball games. I know there are many more good times hidden away somewhere up here but it will take some nudging from others who have better memories to bring them out. Not too much I hope.
And of course as it has been mentioned by many others, The Lion Hunt. I have taken many kids on the hunt over the years and they have always got a kick out of the skit as do I. Funny what stays with you.

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