Lion Hunt

Thank you to Richard Valdivia and Lala Kazan Van Camp for aquiring the original Lion Hunt script from Mrs. Schoolland.


Going on a Lion Hunt.

Orginal lyrics as presented by John Schoolland at West High School, during the 60s.

Directions are to "do as I do and repeat after me" Pat hands on thighs, as though marching, as you chant: Refrain: going on a Lion Hunt. I'm not afraid. Got my gun. Going on a Lion hunt. I'm not afraid. Got my gun. Coming to some grass (rub hands together simulating the sound of shuffling through grass - for a while, then return to patting thighs) Refrain: coming to a till (tilt head back, then down, as though climbing a hill) Coming to a tree (extend hands one above the other as though climbing a tree). Stop look over there. Is that a lion? Refrain: coming to a river (begin using hands as though swimming). Wide river. On the other side. (Patting)... Refrain: coming to a clear. STOP. LOOK. A LION....... Aim my gun. Bang! MISSED. Begin rapid patting, as thoughbrunning and go 'run' backwards using the nonverbal gestures along the way and intermittent patting of thighs - swim, climb up a tree (look around) climb down, climb hill, run through grass - then slow down, resume patting at a normal pace. Prfrain: Stop... "You see the lion? I've been lyin' all the time. Sent to me by Ms Jeanne B Schoolland, October 2010